Unraveling the Mystery: Why CRM Analytics Migration is Stumping Everyone!

Migrating to CRM Analytics can be a daunting task, and it seems like everyone is struggling to make a smooth transition. But fear not! In this article, we will dissect the reasons behind this widespread failure and uncover the secrets to turning it into a resounding success.

Everyone who sees a demo of CRM Analytics falls in love. You see the end result of having all your data quickly provide responses, beautiful animations, interactive dashboards, and actions at the tips of your fingers. But very few ever achieve this baseline use case, and none are able to actually fully shift to the platform.

Why? The answer: Migration Complexity

Every time you have a change in your Salesforce environment, you have to follow these 19 steps.

Hiring a CRM Analytics Developer in the US can be a costly endeavor for businesses. With onshore talent charging between $110-$200+ per hour, the expenses can quickly add up. Full-time annual salaries exceeding $150K per annum. The financial commitment becomes more significant. Even if opting for offshoring rates, they start at $50 per hour. Assuming an average expert spends 8 hours to build an overall data recipe, the yearly cost for CRM Analytics Developer services alone can range from 90-250k USD in the US.

“Ain’t nobody got time for that.” We are in a fast-paced environment, where users are creating their own properties and changes in the system just to keep up with the data they want to input. The pace of change means that only the most vital information can justify the cost of coordinating among multiple teams to then follow and have a specialist go through the time it takes to create or update a recipe. Especially not when your report type (although it’s a slower limited experience) is already updated with the information your Salesforce users need. So they risk users having horribly slow report load times but more agile analytics.

Professionals are worth it ( almost all of it )

Migrating to CRM Analytics can often be overwhelming due to the complex nature of data integration and the technical expertise required. Every company is relying either, up-skilling existing talent or hiring of 1 – 3 of > 2K professionals with experience, on the market to do the task of preparing the data to get it into CRM Analytics for each of their use cases.

Monthly Cost (Assuming 160 Hours )Recipes Produced
On-Shore Consultant$24K USD10-20
Off-Shore Contractor$8K USD5-10
Full Time Employee15K USD5-15

recipePro – Secret to Seamless CRM Analytics Migration

With recipePro, what used to take experts upwards of 8 hours of development can now be achieved in a matter of seconds. This revolutionary tool empowers even non-technical users to build recipes, eliminating the need for extensive coding knowledge and saving invaluable time and resources.

Old Reports to New Integrations

recipePro offers a user-friendly interface that allows users to power through their recipe generation and downstream etl maintenance. The process of creating/updating recipes for CRM Analytics migration, is nearly frictionless. It provides intuitive 3 step process, enabling you to effortlessly map your existing report types to the desired data format for CRM Analytics. Just search for your report type, select the one you want to convert or update integration with, and send the recipe. With just a few clicks, you can transform complex data structures into easily digestible recipes that can be seamlessly integrated into your CRM Analytics platform.

Salesforce has aided in the creation of reports while you develop your business structure and automation. Report types allow your admins to offer users various perspectives on the dynamic relationships in your data. Your reports, which pertain to service and sales related to contacts and accounts, are all accessible through the familiar Salesforce Report Types.

  1. Search – Amongst the reports your team already references in salesforce.
  2. Select – The one you want to extend the visibility of.
  3. Confirm – The destination you want your data integrated with.

Just like that, your data is on it’s way. Moreover, you also can be assured that as you continue to customize your Salesforce Organization, you can keep your integration up to date.

Hours for the price of Seconds

Gone are the days when migrating to CRM Analytics required extensive technical knowledge and hours of development work. With recipePro, anyone can become a migration expert in no time. Its intuitive interface and automation capabilities make it accessible and efficient for users of all levels of expertise.

recipePro enables organizations to quickly unlock the power of data-driven insights by reducing the time and effort required for CRM Analytics migration. With seamless integration and accurate data representation, businesses can make informed decisions, improve customer experiences, and drive overall growth.

Say goodbye to migration worries and embrace the simplicity and efficiency of recipePro. With this revolutionary tool, you can transform CRM Analytics migration from a daunting challenge into a delightful success!

Migrating to CRM Analytics doesn’t have to be a mystery anymore. Thanks to recipePro, organizations can now overcome the hurdles and make a seamless transition. With its user-friendly interface and automation capabilities, recipePro empowers users of all levels to effortlessly convert report types into actionable recipes. So, gear up with recipePro and embark on a journey towards data-driven insights and business success!

-Lucas Ribeiro

You Just Have to Be Willing to Spend Less

We understand that budget constraints can sometimes limit your options, but with us, you can still enjoy the benefits of our extensive recipe database and time-saving features without compromising your financial goals.

In fact, with less than what you would typically spend in a month, you can unlock a whole year’s worth of recipePro! For the Starting price of just $999 for a year, you can do what a team of consultants wouldn’t be able to do in years.

Monthly Cost ( Base ) *Year ( Base ) *
GROWTH$299 USD$2,999 USD
SCALE$999 USD$9,999 USD
* The pricing above is limited for our launch year of 2023 – Prices increasing on February 13th, 2024


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